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Posted in Hiking GR5, 1500 miles across Europe by onefootatatime on May 12, 2009

May 06 2009

May 06 2009

Reached Hook Van Holland by ferry today. Got off the boat to a grey, drizzly sky. What a welcome. Went through immigration in less than 30 seconds. Whew! They didn’t even ask me for any paperwork. I mumbled something about the GR5 and the officer let me through.

Spent the next hour and half trying to find the trailhead. Very frustrating. Got lost at least six or seven times, and had to retrace my steps to get back on the trail.

Saw lots and lots of greenhouses growing lots and lots of flowers. The walk was pretty with canals everywhere. Had to take a ferry to Rozenburg from Maaslius to continue my journey.

I finally reached Brielle eight hours later, and set up my tent at a nearby campground. Grabbed some lamb, salad and french-fries for dinner. Needed the carbs.

Had a chat with Elma, my camp neighbor. She and her daughter live in Rotterdam, and rode the twenty kilometers on their bikes to Brielle. The daughter is only five. Amazing.

I’ve noticed that people are either in their cars or on their bikes. There are lots of people on bikes. I saw old people on mopeds too – very cute.

I guess cycling is the way to go when most of the country is flat.

Elma told me that Brielle is famous for the start of the uprising against the Spanish occupation.

Today it looks like a quaint little Dutch village.



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