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Mayo Overload

Posted in Hiking GR5, 1500 miles across Europe by onefootatatime on May 12, 2009

May 09 2009

May 09 2009

Got that ride to the town of Ouddorp and waited for the shops to open. Some open at nine, others open at 1pm – can’t figure out the logic.

I buy some moleskin and bandages, and head out to Renesse. Can’t get a EURO plug though. No access to the computer that I’m lugging around.

Had to cross another long, long dam to get to Renesse, which is in the province of Zeeland. Thought I’d never get there – it was that long. I lose my way again (need to get those maps), and ask for directions from a family walking by, and they point me in the right direction.

After finding a campsite and setting up my tent, I walk over to Renesse. It’s very touristy. A German couple I talked to said that Renesse is a party town, frequented by a lot of Germans. Renesse is the place to go to if you can’t afford to go to Ibiza. It has a beach, and there are lots of bars and stores selling designer stuff. The German couple is not impressed with Renesse, and neither am I. But I do grab the chance to dig in to some dinner: some fried fish, potatoes and salad, doused with a ton of mayonnaise. I ate it all, but wished they had cut back a lot on the mayo.


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