My experiences with thru-hiking

Clip. Clop. Clip. Clop.

Posted in Hiking GR5, 1500 miles across Europe by onefootatatime on May 19, 2009

May 16 2009

May 16 2009

Got up early and started for Grobbendonk. I know the town has a campsite, so I’m eager to get there, to enjoy a nice, hot shower, and tend to my ailing feet.

Came across a school for riding horses – lots of kids on horses going round and round. A bunch of people, I think their parents, were staring at me from the café adjoining the class. I waved, and they all smiled and waved back.

Finally reached Grobbendonk, and asked around about the campsite. The people I asked were not too sure about campsites in that area. Showed my map (which is in Dutch so I can’t understand a thing), and a man says that there’s a campsite around 5 kilometers away. Great, I don’t want to get off the trail, because I don’t want to walk back to it, so I keep walking on the trail, ready to wild camp it again, when suddenly I reach the campsite 5 kilometers later. Apparently, it’s on the trail.

Before hitting the shower, I did a Rambo and drained my blisters with a needle. I cleaned them and wrapped them in bandages. Good thing I have some anti-septic solution on me. My right foot looks a little swollen. An elderly gentleman at the campsite tells me to take it easy, and relax before heading out. Your feet are very important, especially on this journey you’re taking, he tells me. Recover first, and then set out. Wise words. Will probably spend another day here. Let’s see.

Leon, the owner of the campsite, recommends a restaurant down the street. I take his advice and find myself eating a really good dinner. The chef recommends the entre of the day, and I take his advice too. I’m ready to listen and do anything anybody asks right now.

I can’t wait to go to sleep.


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