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It’s Cold

Posted in Hiking GR5, 1500 miles across Europe by onefootatatime on June 7, 2009


Jun 06 2009

June 06 2009

Wild camped it after getting to Mondorf-les-Bains and got a good night’s sleep, but woke up to a cold and drizzly morning. It’s tough packing your tent in this kind of weather.

So, I’m heading to Dudelange, which is my final stop here in Luxembourg. After walking along some wheat fields, I pass a couple on their morning walk, and they stop to chat with me. Patrick and Mirijana teach French and they commute to Luxembourg-Ville every day from their little town. After they learn that I’m heading to Dudelange, Mirijana insists that I stop by their place for coffee. They tell me that Dudelange is not a great place to visit, because it used to be a mining town that’s seen better times. The mining has stopped and unemployment is high.

On our walk back, I tell them about my experiences and of the Rose wine I had the other day, which gets Patrick talking all about wine. Patrick tells me that he’s had Californian wine and admits that it’s good wine. But it tastes like Coca-Cola, he tells me. It
tastes the same every time. He says the harvest here depends on the weather, and by law the vineyards are not allowed to water the vines artificially with irrigation, but can only depend on the weather – that’s why the wine is different every year.

Every year, he and his wife Mirijana buy a sample of bottles from the local area and when they’re done drinking them, they pick the best one of the lot and buy more of that vintage. There’s no guarantee that the following year will taste the same, because it all depends on the weather. People can drink the wine and recollect if the summer was unusually hot that year by the taste of the grape.

I finally end up at their place and enjoy a cup of Turkish coffee with them. Patrick tells me that the cloud-maker I saw yesterday is a nuclear plant. He also tells me that I’m in France. We were like 500 meters away from Luxembourg.

Since there’s no campsite at Dudelange or Fontoy (the next destination on the trail), Patrick and Mirijana give me a ride to Thionville, where there’s a youth hostel (that was really nice of them). It’s Saturday, we have no plans Patrick tells me.

I plan to stay two nights at Thionville and catch a bus back to Fontoy, where the GR5 passes through.



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