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Lost Again

Posted in Hiking GR5, 1500 miles across Europe by onefootatatime on June 7, 2009


Jun 03 2009

June 03 2009

I thought that putting up my tent and putting it down everyday would get boring, but I look forward to breaking it down before I start out for the day, because it kind of helps me ease into things. It also warms me up as I pack my sleeping bag and fold things and stuff
them all into my backpack. It’s like a boxer taping up his fists in the locker before the big fight.

I had to get to Wasserbillig today. On the way there, I passed some beautiful woods. I’ve been walking along the Our River in the north, and was now walking past the Sure River, and will walk along the Moselle River as I head further south.

I’ve also been having these intense conversations with myself, which explains why I lost the trail marker. After a few kilometers, I realized that I had stopped paying attention to the markers and couldn’t see any. I was probably heading the wrong way. So as soon as I came across a road, I took it –hoping it was heading to Wasserbillig. Nope. After some five kilometers, I came across a town that was like in the opposite direction. So I finally got on the right road and just put one foot in front of the other, and pressed on.

After getting lost again, I saw a truck stop and decided get some directions from there. That’s where I bumped into Manuel Sebastian (an interesting name for a German from Berlin). He was just sitting there on the grass with his backpack. I grabbed some food from the store and sat with him, as he rolled a joint and talked about his travels. He was headed to Spain, and he was hitchhiking it. He’d got a ride from a truck driver who dropped him off at the truck stop and the driver told him to hang out there, because another truck driver who was heading to Spain would pick him up the next morning.

He pulled out his map (which was all taped up and worn out) and pointed to the North West region of Spain, and told me I would love it there. He was so convincing, I almost chucked this whole GR5 thing to join him on his trip to Spain.

He helped me out by asking someone for directions to Wasserbillig, and it was only two kilometers away. So after saying goodbye and exchanging email addresses, I set out, finally, in the right direction.



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