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Posted in Hiking GR5, 1500 miles across Europe by onefootatatime on June 7, 2009


Jun 02 2009

June 02 2009

Caught a bus to Luxembourg-Ville. It’s not on the GR5 trail, but the guide I’m using has allowed for some layovers and detours here and there, and it mentions Luxembourg-Ville as a great place to visit, especially if you need to buy provisions or stuff like that.

It was nice riding on some public transportation and giving the legs a break. Luxembourg has some really comfortable buses. Of course, if you’re hiking, anything is more comfortable than walking up a hill.

Ordered a café au lait at a patisserie and got a small white cup of coffee. Everything here comes in small portions. The coffee was good, but I was hoping for a larger serving, I guess. The place also offered free Wi-Fi (pronounced “wee-fee” over here), but the service was down, so I had to sit at McDonald’s to use their Internet. I noticed that all the tourists go to McDonald’s to use the restrooms. Others go to use the limited free Wi-Fi.

Caught the bus back to Echternach in the afternoon and saw a huge parade through the small town. I forgot it was a long weekend – some Christian holiday, someone said, but couldn’t name the occasion. There were priests in long robes, a big brass band and hundreds of men dressed in white, all holding handkerchiefs together and doing a jig down the main street.

Got back to the campsite and bumped into Ben and Katy again. Ben let me play his Baby Taylor guitar, which sounds surprisingly sweet for a travel-sized guitar.

I miss my Martin though.



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