My experiences with thru-hiking

A Slug Life

Posted in Hiking GR5, 1500 miles across Europe by onefootatatime on June 19, 2009


Jun 10 2009

June 10 2009

Covered 24 kilometers to Pagny-Sur-Moselle. It seems like all these towns I’m walking through are always near some river. On the way there, while I was walking through the woods, I heard some voices behind me and saw two other hikers heading in my direction, and they just blew past me. They were fast, and looked really focused. It was nice to see other people on the trail, even if it was just two guys.

After covering a few more kilometers, I passed by the same two hikers, and they were sitting at a picnic bench going through their topo-guide. It was the same one I had for this part of the GR5 trail. After 20 minutes, I heard them behind me as I was walking up a hill, and they blew past me again. Made me look like a snail!

Got to Pagny-Sur-Moselle, and after pitching my tent decided to keep my boots in the tent, because I’ve been having slugs crawling all over the tent and in my boots. They pretty much slime everything they crawl on. Guess they like Funky Ravi!



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