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Harry And Ronald

Posted in Hiking GR5, 1500 miles across Europe by onefootatatime on June 19, 2009


Jun 12 2009

June 12 2009

I was heading for Liverdun today, where I knew I’d find a campsite and a hot shower. I was eager to get there, because I’ve been wild camping for four days now, and I was a real mess.

Before I got to the center of Liverdun, a woman helping her daughter clean her car stopped me, asking me where I was going. I guess she was curious about the backpack and all, and I ended up trying to explain my walk with my outdated English guidebook and topo-guides. The daughter filled my bottle with water and the mother ran inside to bring me a small cake and explained that Liverdun was famous for the Madelaine cakes. It tasted okay.

Got to the information center in Liverdun and found out where the campsite was, which was a long detour from the trail. That’s where I bumped into the two hikers from two days ago, the guys who were blazing the trail. I sat with them and they bought me a Coke Light. Ronald and Harry are from Holland, and are old friends. Every year they take a week off and hike a section of the trail together. They aren’t doing the GR5 trail, but a trail that starts in the north part of Netherlands, goes through some parts of the GR5 trail and heads west to Spain. They plan to finish the entire trail walking it for a week every year, right up to a ripe old age. Sounds like a neat project.

After we set up camp, showered and washed our dirty clothes, Ronald, Harry and I headed to a Kebab Doner place to grab some food. It was nice enjoying some company for dinner, especially with other folks who know and enjoy the pleasures and pains of the trail.


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