My experiences with thru-hiking


Posted in Hiking GR5, 1500 miles across Europe by onefootatatime on June 24, 2009


Jun 20 2009

June 20 2009

This morning an elderly couple camping next to me in their caravan invited me over for a cup of coffee and shared some croissants with me too. After breakfast, I tried to catch a bus to Schirmeck, but couldn’t find one, so I walked the three kilometers back to the GR5 trail. The trail immediately headed up, and pretty much went up and up for the next three hours.

I reached Struthof, a Nazi death camp back in the 1940s to which prisoners from all over Europe were brought to. Between 1941 and 1944, they exterminated over 30,000 prisoners. Yes, the guide used the word “exterminated”. Today, there were a group of teenagers taking a tour, and there’s a big memorial on the grounds. I passed Struthof and kept walking up.

It was a Saturday, so it was nice to see other people on the trail enjoying the spectacular views. After reaching Champ De Feu, the trail headed back down and that was worse on my feet and knees. By the time I reached Le Hohwald, I wanted to tear my boots off, and I did. Saw some people playing Bocce ball at the campsite, and it made me smile. It’s such a peculiar game. Pitched my tent and headed to the center of the town to grab something to eat. Got myself a Quiche Lorraine.



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