My experiences with thru-hiking

Ballon D’Alsace

Posted in Hiking GR5, 1500 miles across Europe by onefootatatime on July 11, 2009


Jun 30 2009

June 30 2009

I think I’ve figured out what I smell like when I’m walking the trail: a wet dog.

Today was the final day in the Vosges Mountains and final ascent to the Ballon D’Alsace. It was twice as hard as the Grand Ballon and, of course, there were no tourists or buses at the top. This was the real deal. It was brutal, but fulfilling.

I honestly thought I wouldn’t make it through this stretch. The trail has slowly been wearing me out, and I haven’t taken any rest days. But I know I’ll get that rest when I hit Lausanne.

Stopped at another ferme-auberge after the long climb and ate well. It was about to rain, so I hung around a bit waiting for the clouds to pass then headed back on the trail. Thirty minutes back on the trail and it rained on me hard. Had to hide under some trees – didn’t help at all.

Finally got to Giromagny where I was to meet Ruth at the same refuge. Couldn’t find the place and happened to bump into her in front of a grocery store.

Later went out and got some Doner Kebabs for dinner.


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