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Echelles De La Mort

Posted in Hiking GR5, 1500 miles across Europe by onefootatatime on July 11, 2009


Jul 05 2009

July 05 2009

Okay. So the hike along the River Doubs was not exactly how I imagined it’d be. I thought it would be an easy walk on a groomed trail by the riverbank. It was by the riverbank all right, but the trail was full of moss on rocks and roots, so it was crazy slippery. I was basically tiptoeing my way through the trail, because I didn’t want to fall, and I did fall twice.

Had to climb down the Echelles de la Mort or the Ladders of Death, but it wasn’t all that scary.

After walking for hours in mud, I finally got to La Rasse. I crossed the bridge over to Switzerland and got to a mountain refuge where I met up with Ruth. A friend of hers was supposed to join her on this part of the trail and dropped out, so she had an extra bed at the refuge, which I said I could use. Good thing, because there were no campsites or refuges on the French side of the Doubs, and I was in no mood to wild camp it.

Once again, the area reminded me of Japan. I’d love to come back some today and spend more time here.

Had some sorbet for dessert at dinner. I love sorbets!


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