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Posted in Hiking GR5, 1500 miles across Europe by onefootatatime on July 11, 2009


Jul 02 2009

July 02 2009

Every time I try to pee in the woods, someone always appears out of nowhere. Really. I can be in the middle of the woods and unzip when I’ll hear some voices or a rustling and someone will come out of some trees from some trail I didn’t even notice. So the next time I get lost in the forest and can’t find my way out, I’m going to pretend-pee. And as soon as someone appears, I’m going to nab them and ask them the way to the next town. Yeah, that’s my plan.

On my way to Vandoncourt, I bumped into Ruth at a restaurant. She had just finished telling the owners about me when I arrived. We sat for together for another half hour or so as I drank some iced-tea, and we got back on the trail.

It’s nice having some company on the trail, but good conversation can distract you, and Ruth and I ended up going some wrong direction, then backtracking our way to her tiny hotel. She asked if I could camp on their grounds and the owners refused, so I headed out to the woods and wild camped. It was a long climb up a hill, but I was happy I didn’t have to do it the next morning.



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