My experiences with thru-hiking


Posted in Hiking GR5, 1500 miles across Europe by onefootatatime on July 11, 2009


Jun 24 2009

June 24 2009

Got up this morning and Trudy, my camp neighbor, invited me over for coffee. She and her husband are from Holland. She’s very excited about my trip and tells me I’ll love the Alps when I get there.

Last night, Isabelle, the camp manager gave me free access to the Internet at the campsite, which is awesome, and today while I was on the computer, she runs up to me and hands me a big bag of cherries. It’s full of vitamins and good for your walk, she tells me, and rushes off.

Finally left in the afternoon for Aubure. On the way there, the trail was blocked by a bunch of trees. It was like an obstacle course.

I planned to stay at the campgrounds in Aubure, and Ruth who’s staying at a gite d’etape has asked the owner if I can join her for dinner there. He says yes, but there are no beds left. No problem, there’s a campsite. I get to Aubure to find that the campsite is closed. I check out all the other gites, but they’re full. After running around looking for some other accommodation, I bump into Ruth. She tells me there’s room at her gite for me. Whew!

Ended up having a nice dinner and some really good wine before hitting the rather noisy, springy bed.

Ruth later tells me she counted 27 trees lying on the trail.


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