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Where’s The Key?

Posted in Hiking GR5, 1500 miles across Europe by onefootatatime on July 11, 2009

Jul 09 2009

July 09 2009

Woke up and it was still raining. Had to wait for it to stop. While I was packing up, Ruth walked up. She had a room at a hotel only a few blocks away. She also said she had breakfast with the French couple I met yesterday. They too were staying at the same hotel and told her that they met me on the trail. Small world. She hit the trail, and I later caught up with her at the next town, where we sat and had lunch.

As we left the town to get back on the GR5 trail, we bumped into the same French couple: Christine and Christian. They were looking for a place to eat. We told them where we ate and also said that we had reserved some rooms at a refuge at the top of the Grand Morond, which is the highest point in the Juras. They didn’t have any definite plans, in true French-style, they were taking it one day at a time.

We left them to find their lunch, and Ruth and I had a great, but exhausting walk to the top, filled with great conversation. It’s amazing how time files when you have good company. We got to the refuge and had to figure out how to open the combination safe to get to the key to open the door to the refuge. I couldn’t open it, but Ruth did some magic and got it done. It was freezing cold up there!

While I was in the shower, I heard Ruth shout that we had company, and when I got out, I saw that Christine and Christian had walked up to join us at the refuge. Pretty cool. So the four of us sat and had dinner with the little provisions we picked up at small towns along the way.

That night Christian made a few calls and booked the four us at some gites for the next two days.

No wild camping for me!



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