My experiences with thru-hiking


Posted in Hiking GR5, 1500 miles across Europe by onefootatatime on July 19, 2009


Jul 17 2009

July 17 2009

Caught the ferry across Lake Geneva to Evian and met up with Ruth. She volunteered to drive me around to some stores to help me find some new boots. There’s no way my old boots will make it across the Alps. I desperately needed a new pair.

After grabbing a Kebab Doner for old times sake and visiting three stores, I picked up a pair of Asolo boots, the same brand as my old boots, but these were much lighter and had ample room in the front for my toes. I think my feet won’t slip and move around too much in the boot, which is a good thing. Let’s see.

Bought the boots at a store called Au Vieux Campeur, which is a local camping store, so I felt good I was supporting local business.

Checked our Ruth’s place, where she showed me pictures of her trip in the Alps and some pictures of the marathons she’s run. She’s run about 50 marathons so far, and plans to bike across the US soon. She’s amazing.

Got back home just as Romeer was heading out for a Seal concert. He tried to call me at the apartment, because someone was offering him an extra ticket for free and wanted me to go, but I wasn’t around, so the ticket went to someone else.

Ate some pizza for dinner and went to bed early. Mmmm, sleep.


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