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Blessed With Good Weather

Posted in Hiking GR5, 1500 miles across Europe by onefootatatime on August 28, 2009


Jul 31 2009

July 31 2009

The two French sisters, Stephanie and Emmanuelle, always head out on the trail before 7am. Most of the hikers (well, the Europeans) on the GR5 get out of the refuge early. So by the time I head out, which is round 9am (8am on a good day), they’ve had quite a good head start. A lot of people like to head out early to avoid the sun or bad weather. Apparently, if it rains, it’s more likely to happen late afternoon. I’ve been on the trail for too long to have such a rigid approach to hiking. I’ll get there when I get there. Yes, I’ve developed a carefree attitude on this trip. Or maybe because I’m a Goan, I already had it in me.

I’m slowly running out of cash, so I’m hoping the next town Pralognan has the ATM I’m looking for. As I walk into the town I spy Stephanie and Emmanuelle eating lunch at a restaurant and I wave. I hurry into the center of the town, but find no BNP Paribas bank, but I do find a Doner Kebab place, so I sit down and order one. Mmmm. The grocery stores (both of them) are closed, so I’ll have to survive on what I have which is trail-mix. Well, at least, I had a nice lunch. I get back on the trail and pass a place called Le Prioux, where Stephanie and Emmanuelle said they’d stop for the night. I decided to press on and get to the Refuge Du Roc De La Peche. No sign of the French mountain man, he must be on some other trail by now. The refuge is pretty pricey, and since I don’t have a choice (no camping allowed here too), I settle in. The next refuge is three hours away, so that’s not a choice. I finally finish the John Grisham book. Left it behind, because I’m sure someone as desperate as I was to read something, will pick it up.


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