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Can’t Keep Up With The Languages

Posted in Hiking GR5, 1500 miles across Europe by onefootatatime on August 28, 2009


Aug 02 2009

Aug 02 2009

Modane is a twin town to a town across the border in Italy. Yes, the GR5 is now adjacent to the French border with Italy, so when I pass hikers now, I have to go from Bon Jour to Buongiorno. There are a lot of Italians on the trail in these parts.

Yves had told me to watch out for the storm, and when I woke up this morning, I saw everyone scrambling. I noticed that Yves had already packed up and left. The sky was dark and I guess the storm was here. So I scrambled too. I quickly packed my stuff, and just as the drops started to come down on us hard, I took shelter in the restrooms and packed everything up. I put on my gear and headed out, while everyone around me hiding from the rain, looked at me like I was crazy.

It was all up hill to the Col de la Vallee Etroite, and I had decided to stay the night at the Refuge Du Thabor, which was a fifteen minute detour from the col. I didn’t account for the wind chill, and three hours into the hike I started freezing. The tips of my fingers were turning blue and my teeth kept chattering. Up ahead, I saw someone duck under some shelter at some abandoned house, and when I got there I saw it was Yves. I hung out with him for a little while he took out his stove and made some soup. I warmed my hands and asked him when he left the campsite. He said at 7am, and I left at 8am. Not bad. I’m getting faster. The sun came out and the rain stopped, and I decided to the head to the refuge. I was completely wet and there was water in my boots. Yves said that he wasn’t planning to stay at the Refuge Du Thabor and wanted to cover more distance. I wanted to get out of my soppy clothes, so I wished him well and left for the refuge. When I got there I asked if they had any place for me. Despite the poor weather, the place was packed with hikers, and I was a little worried. I got a bed and as I was walking by the dining area, I saw Stephanie and Emmanuelle, and later joined them for a late lunch. We shared notes on our trip so far and they told me that the weather would get better here on out.


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