My experiences with thru-hiking


Posted in Hiking GR5, 1500 miles across Europe by onefootatatime on August 28, 2009


Jul 21 2009

July 21 2009

The mountains look spectacular. As the sun comes up, I see the crisscross of shadows dancing on the rocky slopes. A photographer’s dream! As I climb higher though, the sun starts beating down on me. This stretch to Chappelle D’Abondance has no trees on the trail, so there’s no hiding from the harsh rays.

Today, I’m on the trail with dozens of hikers. I’m no more the lone hiker; I’m just another hiker now. Up ahead on the climb I see the family of four with the two little girls and catch up with them at the Chalets De Bise, a refuge slash restaurant, where I order a cheese omelet and a “limonade”. There’s another steep climb after lunch to the Pas De Las Bosse. When I get up there, I can see the beautiful valley below with all the little chalets and cows straying to one side of the mountain. I’m also surrounded by tired hikers, all of them sitting and recovering from the steep climb. I chat with the family of four and discover that they are from a town near Manchester. The girls are seven and nine years old, and I compliment them on their hike up the hill. After the chat, it was all down hill to the town of Chapelle D’Abondance, where I found a gite to stay at. I found a store and bought some provisions and later had dinner with the family from (a town near) Manchester. I picked up a “tarte de flam”, which is basically a pizza. I’ve also been drinking Orangina, which is an orange soda with bits of pulp in it. Good stuff. I went to bed early, because my body was bloody sore. I’m amazed I’m doing good so far.


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