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No Bloody ATM

Posted in Hiking GR5, 1500 miles across Europe by onefootatatime on August 28, 2009


Jul 28 2009

July 28 2009

As though walking eight hours isn’t enough, the guide tells me I have a nine-hour hike today to get to Landry. The tracks were just too muddy and there was this once instance where I thought a cow was going to tackle me. I was really worried about falling in the mud, only because of the hefty amount of dung in it. After slipping and sliding and walking over boulders, I reached the Refuge De La Bale, where I got an omelet with cheese, potatoes and bacon. I had to kick off my boots to give my feet a rest. The downhill has been tough on my knees and feet, and there are no nice manicured trails here, just rocks and more rocks. I finally got to Landry and, using my sixth sense, found the campsite. I’ve definitely honed my skills at sniffing out campsites and grocery stores. I was also looking out for an ATM, but couldn’t find a BNP Paribas. I may need to use some other ATM, and I hope they accept my card.

At the campsite, the tent pole was so messed up and bent out of shape, it took me an hour to fix it and put my tent up. It worked just fine, but I was worried about it suffering through another storm. I looked up at the sky looking for dark clouds.

I struck up a conversation with my camp neighbor, a Belgian guy who lives in Holland. He was walking the GR5 too through the Vanoise National Park. We immediately started comparing our camping and hiking gear. That’s what hiking dorks do, I guess. Later went down the street to the store to buy some food and a liter of orange juice. Damn tasty. I’ve noticed that a liter of orange juice here is cheaper than a can of Coke Light. I guess it’s cheaper to live healthier here in France.


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