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The Touristy Part Of The Trail

Posted in Hiking GR5, 1500 miles across Europe by onefootatatime on August 28, 2009


Jul 26 2009

July 26 2009

Fairly easy walking today.

The GR5 trail along this section to Les Contamines overlaps with the Tour Du Mont Blanc trail. When I finally get up to the Col De Voza, there’s a small hotel and restaurant and tons of hikers coming up on the Mont Blanc Tramway – a retro-looking train that goes around the Mont Blanc. Apparently, it was designed at first to summit the Mont Blanc (don’t’ know what they were smoking), but I guess that didn’t work out. I left the horde of hikers and made way down passing even more hikers, all of them wearing that pained look on their face, that grimace, as they carefully made their way to the top. Once again, I made myself a tuna sandwich (the mayo flavor) at a river and continued to Les Contamines. The refuge there is run by the Club Alpin Francaise – a cute little refuge run by a cute little manager. Did the usual, grabbed a shower, washed out my clothes and did a little shopping, stocking up on provisions. I had picked up a John Grisham book at the last gite, so I now had something to read. Most of the gites and refuges have books in the common area that have been left behind and all of them are in French, so I was pleased to find a book in English, even if it was John Grisham. The last book I read of his was The Firm. Think it was his first book. It was so-so. The only instance where I can say the movie was better than the book.


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