My experiences with thru-hiking

And I Will Stroll My Merry Way And Jump The Hedges First

Posted in Hiking GR5, 1500 miles across Europe by onefootatatime on September 4, 2009


Aug 10 2009

Aug 10 2009

Today, as I walked from Bousieyas to St. Dalmas Le Salvage, a stormy battle was fought above me, a fierce struggle between good and evil, and after a few hours, good prevailed and I basked in its warmth. I was soaked to the bone, but it didn’t matter. Everything around me looked like new, like old faded clothes after a rinse.

I reached the town of St. Etienne de Tinee and stopped at some place to grab a bite to eat. There were a ton of bikers in town, and wanted to get moving, because they were peeling down the street and the motorcycles were so noisy.

The last two hours to Auron were terrible. The trail was uphill and crazy steep and when I got to Auron, I had to walk around to look for the campsite. The tourist office was a big help, when I finally found the tourist office, that is. These tourist offices need a bigger sign or something. I went around looking for a barbershop, but they were closed. I really need a haircut.


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