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Posted in Hiking GR5, 1500 miles across Europe by onefootatatime on September 4, 2009


Aug 05 2009

Aug 05 2009

This was probably the shittiest day on the trail so far. Since I didn’t want to walk the three kilometers back to the center of Briancon, I decided to cut across some part of the town to the trail, and after two hours found out I was walking in the wrong direction, even though I was following the trail markers. I believe it was a variant, and had to walk the two hours back to the town and get back on the trail. So I basically added four hours to my day, and still had to walk the five and a half hours to get to Brunissard. Great. That’s when you just put your head down and do it. No bitching, no complaining, just put one foot in front of the other.

It’s amazing when you do something stupid how it just nags you and eats you up on the inside, and while I wanted to kick myself for making that mistake, I quickly forgot about it, because I was outside, in the woods, hanging out with marmots, dwarfed by mountains, hanging out with other hikers who enjoyed the outdoors.

And I walked by a beautiful campsite near Brunissard six hours later. (Good thing it’s summer and the light is still out.) The campsite was on the trail, so I didn’t need to take any detours, and the reception had some books, so I picked up a book by an Irish writer. It was good reading after that terrible John Grisham book.

I’m happy the day ended on a good note.


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