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Lac St. Anne

Posted in Hiking GR5, 1500 miles across Europe by onefootatatime on September 4, 2009


Aug 07 2009

Aug 07 2009

Passed a French couple hiking with their daughter while I made my way up to the Col Girardin. Today, I exit the Queyras National Park and start making my way into the Mercantour National Park. I walked by the Lac Miroir and the guide said that if the water stayed still I‘d see a perfect reflection of the mountains, and it was awesome, until I passed another lake that was unbelievably blue. Up ahead, I saw this French girl and I raced her up to the Col Girardin. The climb up was treacherous – very steep with lots of flaky stones. At the top, the French girl asked me something and I had to tell her I didn’t speak French, and she couldn’t speak English, so that put an end to our conversation. I did offer to take a picture of her with her camera, using my hands and the few French words I’ve learned so far. She was using a disposable camera; I hadn’t seen one of those in a while.  The French couple with their daughter showed up, and soon a whole bunch of people showed up, and everyone was finding a place to sit to eat some lunch. I quickly ate some fruit and gobbled up a sandwich and headed back down towards La Barge. Because there’s no accommodation at La Barge, I had to take a detour to Maljasset. I was planning to crash at the refuge, run by the Club Alpin Francaise. When I got there, it was closed, so walked around and found a gite and managed to book a bed. After two hours, the French girl and the couple with their daughter showed up. I ended up sitting at the same table with them for dinner. I spent most of the time nodding and smiling while I listened to them babble away in French. Another lady sitting with us helped out and translated, but it was too much work for her.

The owner of the gite found out I was from Goa and told me I was the first Indian customer he’s had, and also the first person he’s met who was walking the entire GR5 trail, so he asked me to sign his guest book.  And sign it, I did.


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