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Survival Of The Prettiest

Posted in Hiking GR5, 1500 miles across Europe by onefootatatime on September 4, 2009


Aug 09 2009

Aug 09 2009

I’ve had my fill of mountains, trees – basically all that nature has to offer out here. The “wow” factor has diminished, because I am seeing the same thing every day. So to keep myself motivated I’ve started racing people to the top. I think I’ve alarmed quite a few folks. I bump into the French couple with their daughter and pass them to get to the Pas De La Cavale. Even though I’ve reached the highest point on the trail, I still have to dip down to the valley and hike back up to the Col Des Fourches. Thanks to the rain last night, I have a wet tent, so I stop at some point to dry it out as well as some clothes that have been hanging from my backpack.

The French couple with their daughter (I think she’s just eleven years old) pass by and wave and get a head start up to the col. I think their daughter is trying to beat me to the top, because I beat them to Pas De Cavale, so I pack up my tent and clothes and try to race her to the top, but she beats me anyway. Her parents finally get to the top and together we head to our destination, a hamlet called Bousieyas. Of course, I speed downhill and get there before everybody. The French couple’s daughter isn’t too happy that I’ve beaten her to the gite at Bousieyas, but (like most kids) she soon forgets about it.

Sometimes you have to sacrifice a battle to win the war.


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