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A Day Away From Nice

Posted in Hiking GR5, 1500 miles across Europe by onefootatatime on September 6, 2009


Aug 14 2009

Aug 14 2009

The guide says that at some point on the trail today I should be able to see the Mediterranean, but, because of the hazy weather, I couldn’t see much. I passed through the town of Levens and sat down at a bench and ate a sandwich. It was a gorgeous day and I could already feel the Mediterranean effect. The French say that they have everything and, after walking through the country, I must agree with them. Great mountains, great sea, great wine, great cheese and because they have five different countries at their border, they enjoy a blend of cultures at their border towns. Here in Levens, I could see and feel the Italian influence. I’ve heard only good things about the hikes in Italy, and my mind wanders from time to time about making future plans for Italy. Let’s see.

Even though I’m a day away from Nice, the hikes are still long, and it takes me seven hours to get to Aspremont. It’s a small town and there are no gites, refuges or campsites. I enquire at the only hotel and find out that they’re full. C’est complet, the man tells me. So I’ve resigned to wild camp it somewhere if I can. It looked like there was not a lot of forest in the area, so I crossed my fingers, well, not literally.

While I was grabbing a bite to eat at a restaurant, a family sitting nearby was curious about my trip and the wife was really amazed that I had walked the whole GR5. They told me that I was in luck today, because they were leaving the hotel a day early, and said I could take their room for the night. The husband walked over to the hotel and spoke to the manager and came back with the key. It’s all taken care of, he tells me – crazy how these things work out.

Slept in a really, I mean really, nice bed.


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