My experiences with thru-hiking

Wear And Tear

Posted in Hiking GR5, 1500 miles across Europe by onefootatatime on September 6, 2009


Aug 11 2009

Aug 11 2009

This was the longest day of my life on the trail. The hike to Refuge de Longon passed through five different cols. It was a nine and half hour day, but with stops for lunch and rest breaks, it took me around eleven hours to get to the refuge. On the way I saw some very interesting limestone formations and there were signs everywhere asking hikers not to touch the rocks that towered over the area. If I had to describe them to anyone, I’d say that they looked like giant malformed penises. I think I’ve watched “Superbad” too many times.

On the way down to the Col Des Moulines I tweaked my left knee a bit. I’ve been pushing hard these days and trying to the hike faster up hills and I can feel it now. I’ve obviously pushed my body hard so far, and I feel I need a break, but I don’t want to lose momentum. I know if I stop for a few days, I may just, uh, stop.


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